Sam Stewart Discussion Post and Question

When looking a chapter 8 I found myself very interested in document M. In this document Napoleon says that he would “have willingly become a Washington” . He admired George Washington’s ideals of “modestly,disinterestedness, and wisdom.” Napoleon argues the only way to bring peace during his reign was to subdue other nations and run a totalitarian style empire. I wanted to pose this question to others in the class: Did Napoleon really desire Peace and neutrality like Washington or are his words in this document untrue? In my opinion, Napoleon is flat out lying and was just trying to improve his legacy through writing. He knew he would be in exiled for the rest of life so he figured he should make himself appear better to future generations. However if we look at his reign more closely we find that he had many opportunities to chose peace but yet kept pushing for war at every turn . Take the invasion of Russia of 1812, Napoleon figured that this invasion could distract people from his failures on other fronts. I don’t believe this is a strategy Washington would ever take, but what do you guys think?

Alex Garvey

I agree with Sam that Napoleon is lying in his writing and only trying to improve his legacy. His tactics to acquire a totalitarian empire oppose what Washington would do directly. It is evident he didnt really want peace and just wanted to become well liked because of his failures on the battlefield.

Jonathan Haines

I believe Napoleon was a great opportunist and was able to meticulously gain power with charisma and a form of manipulation towards the supporters of the revolution. Napoleon said he was Washington like but he truly stood for complete power and in the end he betrayed the revolution. Napoleon is very similar to other polarizing political leaders who talk big and rally people to follow him.

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