Young workers vs Immigrant workers

On pg. 63 the author describes the difference between the young workers and the immigrant workers “Some of the young ones party: they go out together, they dance or go to the movies. Or they just get drunk. But most of the workers, especially among the immigrants, enter into a type of lethargy: they walk slowly, they talk together, they stay for ages in the cafés. My question to the class is why does the author makes this comparison and makes the claim that the young ones have more of a free spirit while the immigrant workers dread going to work and only look forward to work. Also, what does it mean when the author says “In the past I hardly paid them any attention. Now I do. In their expressions I recognize the anxiety about passing time, with which they can’t do anything…” Also, does the author think that the young workers will become like the immigrant workers and dream away in front of their beers? What do you think?

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