Unions and Politics

In part of today’s reading in the Vigna piece, I the section that mentions unions and the way they interact with politics. Vigna says, “The moderation of the union leaders was linked to another tradition of the French labour movement: the separation between unions and politics.” (51). This is obviously very much not the case here in the United States. That is probably why I don’t see why there is a reluctance for unions to dabble a bit in politics. Politicians can help achieve change. At the same time, politics can be nasty, so maybe I can see both sides here. Is it effective for unions to become involved in politics?

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  1. I think that it is important for unions to be involved with politics. I believe that politicians can create change and can work with the leaders and people of the union to protect their workers’ rights. Although, I do understand the counterargument of not wanting unions and politics to work together, as tension can be created.

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