How to Strike

In this chapter of 1968: Rethinking Frances Last Revolution there was one quote of particular interest to me. When describing the strikes of 1968 Vigna stated “The longest and most important strikes in French history involving for the first time both the private and public sector.” Later on in the selection he goes on to list 3 important factors in making this movement so exceptional. These three factors were duration, width, and actions taken by the participants. My question for the class is, what is the most important of these three factors in creating a successful strike? It seems to me that you certainly need a blend of all three but is there one that is more important than others?

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  1. I feel like a blend of all three is definitely essential but one that stands out to me is actions taken by the participants. A strike can’t work if not everyone is all in. It is the unity and action of the people participating and the ability to sustain this that makes a strike.

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