1790s Pornography: Intense and Pervasive Misogyny

Sydney Kightlinger

When I glanced at Hunt’s title “The Many Bodies of Marie Antoinette: Political Pornography and the Problem of the Feminine in the French Revolution,” I thought this article would focus on the Madonna/Whore complex. This is a very tired, but reoccurring theme in Women’s Studies; however, I feel like Hunt’s conversation pushes past this to critic French Society. Obviously, the maker of the pornographic literature is using Madonna/Whore imagery/troops, but Hunt’s analysis focuses on the fear of the revolting society. I found her incorporation of Girard’s thought on “a crisis in a community that leads to a search for scapegoat” to be interesting when she pairs it with the need to “re-establish the ‘natural order'”(212-213).

In short: French society operates with intense and pervasive misogynistic, but how do you think the role of a “community in crisis” further forces the conversation of equality to be hush?

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