Lettrists and Situationists Tactics

On page 11, the text mentions that both the Lettrists and the Situationists needed to do something bigger to get an audience and attention. Do you think their tactics worked? Is putting on a “bigger show” making a strong statement or is it doing the opposite?

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  1. I always like to assume that if we’re talking about it, than a group must of been good at getting at least a little attention. But really, I think that doing something bigger is a good tactic. I considered the French revolution when the text said that situationists began “creating situations which pointed out to anyone willing to look and listen to the absurdity of life as currently organized and the possibility for radical shakeup.” It seems that big showcases such as this are trying to mimic that initial chaos which sparks revolutions. Also, under the belief the individuals are so lulled into monotony and a need for consumerism, etc, I think that big showcasing would be the only way to break that sort of trance.

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