Remember to Vote!!!

The election is on November 3, and it is vitally important that you make your voice heard! If you plan to vote in Pennsylvania, you must register by Oct. 19. You can do so here. If you will vote in another state, please check the registration deadline. Voters get extra credit! Send me a picture of yourself outside your polling place or at home with your sealed mail-in ballot.

Zoom link for remote classes!

Here is the Zoom link you should use when we are meeting remotely. It is a “recurring meeting” link, so it will always be the same. Just click it when it’s time for class to start, and you will be magically transported to the wonderful world of HIS 270-02:

*We will be remote for all classes in Week 1-2 and all Thursdays this semester. So far, we are planning to meet in hybrid mode (with some of you face to face with me in the classroom) on Tuesdays starting in Week 3. This is subject to change, as are so many things this semester. I will let you know about any changes as soon as I possibly can.

EDIT: As of Week 5, we will be remote for the rest of the semester.

Welcome, Barricaders!

Welcome to HIS 270-02: Revolution! Europe at the Barricades. I’m glad to be taking this journey with you this semester. This WordPress site will be our home base for all of the remote parts of this class. Here, you can find the Syllabus, all assigned Reading & Viewing materials, the Discussion Leadership schedule, assignments, and writing resources. Most importantly, this is the home of our blog, through which we will work together to shape our intellectual journey. Please see the syllabus for details, and feel free to ask me if you have any questions. You can always reach me by email at Let’s start tearing up the paving stones!